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In 1974, on its 100th anniversary, ADT opened its first automated Central Monitoring center in Houston, Texas. Central Monitoring is one of the attributes that customers value primarily in an ADT system Alder Alarm. ADT today is dedicated to providing continuing dependable, excellent service and innovative products to all its clientele Alder Home Security. From safety and security of the common home and corner shop to equipping of sophisticated security systems for leading commercial amenities such as banking institutions, airports, large corporations and government agencies Alder Security, ADT provides security solutions custom made to the individual hazard. Its commitment is to be a leader in corporate world and to work dynamically with communities to help them make places safer for citizens to live Alder Alarm. ADT's endeavor to build a work environment where people are treated fairly and respectfully CEO Adam Schanz, and awareness about the environment and the responsibility of protecting it. Being the world’s biggest and leading provider of electronic security solutions it caters to about 8 million residences and commercial premises Doorbell Camera. It spearheads innovation of products for its customers. While you are away from home, ADT system connected to ADT Customer Care Center looks after your home and family. It carries out the crucial function of checking your home and family for robbery; smoke and fire, carbon monoxide, critical events. ADT’s 24/7 monitoring means it is Always There to be of assistance to protect your home and family.

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Prices exclude additional equipment charges, inside wiring fees, additional outlets, taxes, surcharges including video Broadcast Surcharge $10 Alder Security.

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Contour TV Available only in Cox wired, serviceable, residential areas Alder Home Security.

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Installation of a home and business security system is no more a choice but a requirement in order that safety and peace of mind is ensured Alder Alarm.

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2:You have to pay every month for the monitoring Alder Security.