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It’s ‘that’s the guy who did my smart house. ’”That isn’t to say dealers don’t view them as competition, however. For the second consecutive year SDM’s Industry Forecast Study cited DIY security providers as their greatest competition in the coming year, with 33 percent of respondents choosing DIY companies as their No. 1 competitive threat. National/global security companies followed, at 28 percent of respondents. However, wireless phone providers/broadband providers fell to 7 percent as a perceived threat, down from 11 percent last year.

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You should go for the most advanced home wireless security systems as those can sense a break in or fire.

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But some security systems also have a handsfree feature that will work with your mobile device or a key fob to detect when you are within range of your system.

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Signal strength — Make sure camera placement is within your WiFi range.

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Rural customers often pay more for services.